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"What Is A 'Living Will'?"
Copyright Stephen M. Bingman, Attorney

A "Living Will" is also known as a "Declaration Of Desire For A Natural Death".

We have all heard a horror story where someone was kept alive by medical machines and have decried that we wouldn't what that to happen to us. As with a Last Will And Testament, you can not wait until something happens and then state your wishes. It will be too late then. South Carolina has adopted laws which provide for people to say that they would not want to be kept alive if there is little or no chance that they will recover. The legal document in which you state your wishes is commonly called a "Living Will" or "A Declaration Of A Desire For Natural Death".

A "Living Will" is your only way to say that you do not want medical care providers (doctors and hospitals) to use life-sustaining medical procedures which would serve only to prolong the dying process. Two doctors must personally examine you and agree that medical procedures will only prolong the dying process. If the two doctors agree, then the medical procedures may be withdrawn or withheld. In the current version of the South Carolina "Living Will" you have to decide whether or not you would want nutrition and hydration. Generally, life-sustaining procedures do not include the administration of medication or other treatment for comfort care or alleviation of pain.

Please note that in South Carolina, you need have your "Living Will" before you go to the to the hospital. Under certain conditions, you can make a "Living Will" at the hospital, but to make your "Living Will" at the hospital you need to contact the Governor's omnibus office.

For a "Living Will" form contact (before you go to the hospital) a hospital or call the Bingman Law Firm.

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