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Probate Attorney Services Provided By
The Bingman Law Firm

The Bingman Law Firm's Will and probate practice includes the preparation of a Last Will And Testament and the handling of Probate Court matters. Through team work, the Bingman Law Firm has developed a system for preparing most Last Will And Testaments in "one visit". Each Last Will And Testament is specifically prepared for each individual to meet the individual's will and desire. Occasionally, an individual has wishes and desires that are complex and require more than "one visit".

In South Carolina, the Probate Court has jurisdiction of estates of deceased persons, whether or not the deceased person had a Last Will And Testament. It is the Probate Court's job to oversee the orderly handling of a deceased person's estate. In addition, the Probate Court has jurisdiction over matters that involve incompetent persons. If a dispute arises concerning a deceased person's estate or and incompetent person, the Probate Court is the Court where the dispute will be resolved.

Will and probate lawyer services include, but are not limited to:
     - Last Will And Testament
     - Power of Attorney
     - Living Will
     - Estate and Probate Court Matters

If you have a question or problem with any of these or other probate matters, Mr. Bingman, a Spartanburg SC attorney, will be glad to discuss the matter with you.

If you want a price quote, please call us at 864-573-9889. Often, but not always, we can tell you what we charge for a specific service.

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